Follow the Leader: Corporate Restructuring Done Right

Every business runs on processes and procedures, without which a company will likely go defunct clingy to the whims of whoever happens to beholding the reigns. Corporatestructure enables all employees and business decisions to follow a chain of command to understand what is considered best practices for a company. The question becomes, “what do you do when your current system isn’t working?” Simply put, you restructurebut don’t rebuild in a box. Recreate the organization in the right way, for all to see.


Collaboration is Key


Any change is difficult; however, when that change involves redesigning job descriptions and affects relearning ingrained habits for many employees, the difficulty level increases at least twofold. Collaboration can help to diminish some of the pushback you will inevitably receive as your company moves toward drafting a new corporate structure.


People are more willing to participate in achange that they helped to establish. There are many reasons that individualwillingness improves through collaboration, but the main one is ownership. People feel a sense of ownership in thenew company model because they helped to bring it to fruition, and this sense of empowerment means fewerhurdles during the implementation phase.


Slow Down Implementation


The process of redrafting corporate structure can be long and arduous. The many legs of the designing phase only lead to more finalizing and testing, and it can be frustrating to slow down implementation when you feel like the structure is designedjust right. However, there is a reason for a multistep rollout. The best plans often have unforeseen results, which can negatively affect the entirety of the idea. Therefore, slowing down implementation of a new structure allows both the people and the business time to adjust.


True, performing a restructuring through a phased process takes time, but it also allows a company to ensure that the design works and is fully adheredto before applying it to larger and larger groups and divisions of the company. Thismeans that the structure that was so meticulously puttogether is put in place in the same way, ensuring that all thatplanning and collaborating was not donein vain.


Corporate structure is the lifeblood of any organization, ensuring that employees understand there place in the organization and empowering those same employees to take ownership in their work. Restructuring can be difficult, but if done with collaboration and phased implementation, it is possible to not only executebut to do it right.

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