Small Business Loans Backed by the SBA

If you are looking for small business loans that really take your company’s needs into account, you need to take a look at the opportunities provided by SBA backed loans from Gateway Commercial Capital. Not only do these loans come with favorable terms that are only possible because the Small Business Administration guarantees them, our loan processing is streamlined because we are a preferred provider of small business loans.

What is a Preferred Provider?

The Administration designates certain lending partners as preferred based on their financial stability and lending records. We are among those elite institutions, which means that our loan applicants do not have to wait for approval from the Administration. We are instead allowed to review and approve our own loans, cutting out several steps in the processing and providing you with a quicker determination.

Commercial Property Loans

If your business will be using at least half the floor space in the property as its own facilities, then the SBA can help you purchase practically any commercial property. Regular program restrictions apply, and the property’s value cannot exceed $15 million.

  • Gas stations
  • Factories
  • Warehouses
  • Storefronts
  • Auto Repair Shops
  • Restaurants
  • Office Buildings
  • Flagged and Unflagged Hotels

Acquisition Loans

The Small Business Administration also encourages small business loan opportunities for those who are purchasing small companies that exist in their communities. That’s why we help set entrepreneurs up with acquisition loans that have generous LTVs of up to 80% and stable interest rates.

Equipment Financing

Of course, the most popular small business loans are the ones that empower companies to buy the equipment they need to keep working, and we are happy to help our clients connect with those loans as well. That way, you can easily make a long-term investment in your growth today, allowing you to reach a return on your investment quickly so you can keep building your business.

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