Purchase Order Financing for Steady Growth

When your business is working on building its overall share of the market, you need to be able to challenge yourself by bidding on larger and more complex projects. That means you also need the financial support that will allow you to cover your startup costs without compromising the rest of your business’s cash flow. Purchase order financing is one way to access this opportunity, one that doesn’t increase your long-term loan debt or dilute your equity.

How Financing Purchase Orders Works Out

When you apply for this kind of cash advance, Gateway Commercial Capital associates review your outstanding orders. They also check out your customers’ payment histories. This allows them to better calculate what percentage of your purchase order we can make available as an advance. We collect your payment after delivery, subtracting our own fees and the advance before sending you the rest.

Benefits of Financing Your Purchase Orders

  • Reusable—finance new purchase orders as they come in
  • Never turn down an oddly timed or overly large order again
  • No risk to you if your customer does not pay
  • Fast processing and no application fees

If you are interested in permanently solving your cash flow issues so you can take larger orders, you need to talk to a Gateway Commercial Capital associate about whether or not purchase order financing is right for you. Call today.