Get Cash Quickly With a Merchant Cash Advance

When you are looking for short-term financing you can repay easily, traditional business loans can be a frustrating line of research. That’s because they are made to work for long-term investments, so they take a long-term view of approval that requires a long waiting period. Luckily, you have assets to finance that can back much faster advance and loan options, like your credit card merchant account.

Understanding Merchant Cash Advance Financing

It’s really quite simple. Your merchant account is valued based on the average monthly transactions you perform. The more credit card transactions power your business, the easier it will be for you to get a large advance. Once that amount is calculated and distributed, your repayment is a percentage of your credit card receipts until the balance is covered. The more you make, the faster your advance is paid.

The result is very powerful. You can use the advance to cover renovations and inventory purchases to make short-term profits that also help you pay down the advance quickly, preparing you for another opportunity.

Benefits of MCAs

  • Fast, flexible, and easy repayment
  • Get up to $200,000 at a time
  • Reusable—and new MCAs reflect your rising business as you grow
  • Fast approvals
  • No closing costs or application fees

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