Healthcare Financing Designed for the Clinic or Practice

At Gateway Commercial Capital, we want all of our clients to have access to financing that takes their unique business cycles into account. When it comes to our medical and healthcare clients, that means providing access to a variety of products that suit their unique needs and business model. From practice loans that let them cover costs flexibly while waiting for insurance company payments to medical equipment leasing for new devices, we have you taken care of.

Medical Equipment Leasing

Our leases are a staple of our healthcare financing program because they allow up to half the lease value to go to the “soft” costs of operating and maintaining your new equipment.

Practice Loans

Up to $75,000 is available with just an application, and full disclosures can get you $250,000. Both loan levels have 72 month terms, which makes it easy for you to put cash where you need it while you are waiting for payments.

  • Payroll
  • Supplies
  • Regular business expenses
  • Personal expenses

Debt Consolidation

We can also help with consolidation if you have a variety of outstanding loans. Just ask.

Acquisition Loans

We believe you should never have to turn down a life-changing opportunity for lack of funds on hand. That’s why we offer up to 100 percent LTV for acquisition loans and buy-in loans.

Contact us today to start an application, and raise the working capital your business needs.